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Interesting Words

Vocabulary and Grammar

Branskix – n. contents of a cup, bowl, dish, etc.

Bras – v. hold, catch
This refers to a hook-like hold or a catch (such as a hook holding a bag or catching one’s clothes on a thorn, etc.)

Bransix – v. hold, cup
This refers to a bowl-like hold

Being a pas…

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Rollover Month

Vocabulary and Grammar

aldar – adj. prized, cherished, priceless, irreplacable

alden – n. priceless possession
This would be something of greater cultural value, such as a famous painting, a statue or landmark, etc.

aldoa – v. value, cherish; v. ascribe importance, significance, or v…

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The Cold Shoulder

I was having problems with Lexique Pro, and I'm the kind of person who will shun a computer program for a while until it feels bad about malfunctioning on me.  Except that means that I didn't actually get a lot added.  I have more words, but I didn't get them added in time, so they'll roll over into…

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Helpful Phrases and Household Vocabulary

Vocabulary and Grammar

elon – v. launch (ship/vehicle)
A straightforward verb, can refer to launching a spacecraft or a boat or any vehicular craft

iblithmut – n. dining room, mess hall
A straightforward noun

jevelin – n. braggart, show off
A straightforward noun

jodes – v. name…

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A Tiny Post

Vocabulary and Grammar

av – n. eye
A straightforward noun

cibar – adj. edible, nutritious
A straightforward adjective

cibe – n. food
A straightforward noun, refers to anything that can be consumed as sustenance

jojov – n. rider, someone who rides an animal
A straightforward n…

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Vocabulary After the Finish Line

With the completion of the dictionary audit, I decided that I am going to hold off on grammar for another month.  Maybe it will come before, but I'm just happy to have it done.  So here are some shiny new words.

Vocabulary and Grammar

azik – n. abortion, abandonment
A straightforward …

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Fun Stuff and the Big Announcement!

For a while I've been promising a big announcement in relation to Wolf Pack, but I didn't want to reveal it until the book had actually come out.

And the big announcement?

Wolf Pack is getting a video game!  Yay!...?

All information can be found on BitChute.  But here is a rundown of the h…

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Vocabulary, Some Changes, and Technical Difficulties

Vocabulary and Grammar

abikn. separated individual, one who has been cut off from the group
A straightforward noun

abilv. collect, gather
A straightforward verb

ablesn. collection
A straightforward noun

abisv. separate, segregate
A straightforward verb

abos – …

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Minor Vocabulary Addition

Vocabulary and Grammar

claov. work, labor
This verb refers to the physical act of working or doing something physical, not necessarily speaking of one’s career.

eclaosadj. hard-working, ambitious
A straightforward adjective

imthiclaov. sabotage
A pretty straightforward v…

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Borelian Adjectives: Comparisons

Grammar: Comparisons, Greater Than, As Much As, Not As Much As

Comparing things in Borelian requires a bit of creativity with the use of the postpositions, “kox,” “lux,” and “rab.”

Greater Than

The literal translation for the “greater than” comparative is “Over your thing, my th…

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Borelian Verbs: Suffixes

Grammar, Suffixes for Person

Borelian verbs attach personal pronouns for both subject and object.  The subject is who is doing a thing.  The object, if applicable, is who is receiving a thing.  A few rules will be noted:

  1. Pronouns always attach as subject first and then object.

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Borelian Verbs: Infixes

Grammar 1, Infixes for Passivity

Today's short lesson will be on the passive infix.  Verbs are typically either active or passive.

Active: I hit the ball.
Passive: The ball was hit by me.

The passive voice is more prevalent than one might expect in Borelian society as it adds yet another …

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Borelian Verbs: Prefixes

Grammar 1, Dwi

This month we have the introduction of the prefix “dwi-” (or just “dw-” before a vowel). This prefix attaches to a noun and forces it to become a verb.

Understand, however, that this phenomenon is considered very awkward, even if grammatically correct, since most Borelix…

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Borelian Verbs: Circumfixes

Circumfixes tell us when an action happened. They are all that is required when combining two pronouns or nouns, or a noun or pronoun and adjective.

Ancient Past

General Past

Near Past



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Introduction to Borelian Verbs

This is going to be a fairly long post, but it will cover the basics of Borelian verbs, what you need to know as we get into each part individually.

We'll start with the easy stuff.

Part One: Classes

Class I: Single Letter Verbs

This is a very small classification of verbs and is sometim…

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Word Dump

I know I promised it a while ago, but here is a nice word list for you to study and learn, to describe the world around you and practice some basic, simple sentences.

Basic Words


Avin – head

vin – face

Sn – Arm

Del – Leg

Zothin – Horn

Crim – Blood

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Simple Negation

Negation is fairly straightforward, though it has its quirks. For a standard negation, simply change the first circumfix particle of the verb by adding “d-” or “da-” if a consonant. For example.

O Morjak in ik o.
Morjak is the priest.

Do Morjak in ik o.
Morjak is not the priest.


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Tongue Twisters and Other Mean Things

I know that there isn't much you can do with the sparse words and grammar I've given you, so to distract you from my laziness and slight ineptitude, I've decided to launch some tongue twisters on you, both for the fun of it and to reinforce some of the points of lenition and appropriate pronunciatio…

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Equative Sentences

I know it's been a while.  If you don't know that the world has gotten crazy (regardless of your views of it), then you've been living under a rock and I kind of want to join you.  Hopefully things will now get back on track.

In the last post, I gave you some basic first words.  Numbers, colors…

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First Words in Borelian

Since the last post could feel overwhelming with all the rules and such, I decided that this post would be a little easier and more along the lines of "first words" that you can use to impress your friends, I guess.

Numbers (Ul Nis)

0 - Da
1 - Tev
2 - Si
3 - Wol
4 - Bar
5 - Bri

Colors …

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