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Borelian Verbs: Circumfixes

Circumfixes tell us when an action happened. They are all that is required when combining two pronouns or nouns, or a noun or pronoun and adjective.

Ancient Past

General Past

Near Past



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Introduction to Borelian Verbs

This is going to be a fairly long post, but it will cover the basics of Borelian verbs, what you need to know as we get into each part individually.

We'll start with the easy stuff.

Part One: Classes

Class I: Single Letter Verbs

This is a very small classification of verbs and is sometim…

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Word Dump

I know I promised it a while ago, but here is a nice word list for you to study and learn, to describe the world around you and practice some basic, simple sentences.

Basic Words


Avin – head

vin – face

Sn – Arm

Del – Leg

Zothin – Horn

Crim – Blood

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Simple Negation

Negation is fairly straightforward, though it has its quirks. For a standard negation, simply change the first circumfix particle of the verb by adding “d-” or “da-” if a consonant. For example.

O Morjak in ik o.
Morjak is the priest.

Do Morjak in ik o.
Morjak is not the priest.


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Tongue Twisters and Other Mean Things

I know that there isn't much you can do with the sparse words and grammar I've given you, so to distract you from my laziness and slight ineptitude, I've decided to launch some tongue twisters on you, both for the fun of it and to reinforce some of the points of lenition and appropriate pronunciatio…

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Equative Sentences

I know it's been a while.  If you don't know that the world has gotten crazy (regardless of your views of it), then you've been living under a rock and I kind of want to join you.  Hopefully things will now get back on track.

In the last post, I gave you some basic first words.  Numbers, colors…

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First Words in Borelian

Since the last post could feel overwhelming with all the rules and such, I decided that this post would be a little easier and more along the lines of "first words" that you can use to impress your friends, I guess.

Numbers (Ul Nis)

0 - Da
1 - Tev
2 - Si
3 - Wol
4 - Bar
5 - Bri

Colors …

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Lenition in Modern Borelian

Despite the loss of tones in Modern Borelian, lenition still helps it retain its original, more melodic qualities.  Lenition helps to avoid awkward consonant clusters when words run into each other.  It is believed that this modern lenition has to do with grammatical genders that are also no longer …

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The Alphabet and Sounds of Modern Borelian

Modern Borelian has five vowels:


These vowels make seven sounds:

A = father
Ả = cat

E = pet

I = kit

O = poke

U = coop
Ủ = cut

These diacritics are used only for beginners to distinguish vowel sounds and are not found in any common texts.



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A Brief History of Modern Borelian

The modern Borelian seen in The Timekeeper Chronicles is much easier and much simpler than Old Borelian, though Old Borelian is still used in some modern art forms and most legal matters.

Old Borelian is the first unified Borelian language, consisting of elements from North Borlex, East Bral, and…

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Teaser Trailer

Well, they're actually pictures, but whatever.

After the new year, I am going to go full on geek and start putting out the series on how to speak Borelian.  Borelians, if you are just passing through and entirely ignorant of the Timekeeper Chronicles, are an alien race with poisonous skin and a…

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New Things!

"But doesn't she already have a blog on her author website?"

Yes, yes, I do.  However, this is not going to be quite in the same realm.  The author blog is for author stuff.  Book updates, general book stuff, and the various series relating to books, writing, and so on.

This blog is going t…

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