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A Tiny Post

Vocabulary and Grammar

av – n. eye
A straightforward noun

cibar – adj. edible, nutritious
A straightforward adjective

cibe – n. food
A straightforward noun, refers to anything that can be consumed as sustenance

jojov – n. rider, someone who rides an animal
A straightforward noun

jov – v. ride an animal
A straightforward verb

kibe – v. mislead
A straightforward verb, may be used literally or metaphorically

kibos – n. maze, puzzle
A straightforward noun, more colloquial in its usage

umb – n. ear
A straightforward noun

Cultural Notes

Riding animals was not part of Borelian culture until they took to the stars and encountered other cultures who did this. Even so, it is not a widely adopted practice, instead relegated to more of a novelty hobby.

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