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Borelian Verbs: Circumfixes

Circumfixes tell us when an action happened. They are all that is required when combining two pronouns or nouns, or a noun or pronoun and adjective.

Ancient Past

General Past

Near Past


Near Future

General Future

Far Future

Ancient Past is anything beyond living memory, where there is no one left alive from a particular time. It is also the tense used for musing over things that cannot be changed, all the “what ifs” in life (on the same plane as no one knows what “might have been.”)

The circumfix for Ancient Past is “ma – ma”

Ma Nici jorla ma.

Nici was an overseer.

General Past is any event between the Ancient Past and the Near Past.

The circumfix for General past is “et – et”

Et in kulac zib et.

The plant was a leaf.

Near Past is a little discretionary. It could be that you just did something ten seconds ago, or that the latest battle in a war took place only days ago.

The circumfix for Near Past is “dat – dat”

Dat Ujerozikowixol iesurdoxez in surdalixoljezik evi dat.

The Great Admirals of the Fleet were courageous in the war.

Now is anything happening now, in the present moment.

The circumfix for Now is “o – o”

O in krid glak o.

The ash is gray.

Near Future is also discretionary, either that you are about to do something or that you are definitely focused on doing something in the next few days.

The circumfix for Near Future is “rim – rim”

Rim inca beljos rim.

There will be a reception.

General Future is any event between Near Future and Far Future.

The circumfix for General Future is “oth – oth”

Oth Morjak ninevar oth.

Morjak will be cruel.

Far Future is anything way far off in the future and is typically the tense used for wishful thinking (I'll win the lottery someday.)

The circumfix for Far Future is “vu – vu”

Vu ru in jorla vu.

I will be a commander (someday).

Temporal circumfixes are not necessary for the imperative unless the command is expounded on.

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