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Helpful Phrases and Household Vocabulary

Vocabulary and Grammar

elon – v. launch (ship/vehicle)
A straightforward verb, can refer to launching a spacecraft or a boat or any vehicular craft

iblithmut – n. dining room, mess hall
A straightforward noun

jevelin – n. braggart, show off
A straightforward noun

jodes – v. name, call
A straightforward verb, used to get someone’s attention

lalithmut – n. bedroom, sleeping quarters
A straightforward noun

larilithmut – n. kitchen
A straightforward noun

litharilon – n. launch pad
A straightforward noun

litholixaz – n. hospital, emergency room, ICU
A straightforward noun

litholiskanv – n. doctor’s office, clinic
A straightforward noun

sinol – v. pardon, excuse
A straightforward verb

skanvos – n. injury, wound
A straightforward noun

sril – adj. sril, one of the Borelian-exclusive colors
Used the same as any other color. In the case of sril, the side effect is generalized pain. Contact will produce excruciating pain up to and including paralysis.

velikar – adj. vain
A straightforward adjective

velin – v. strut, show off
A straightforward verb

Idioms and Sayings

Nol ru sinol / Sinolur – Excuse me, pardon me
Used as ambiguously as its English counterpart, when moving past someone, asking for clarification, or asking for forgiveness for trivial offenses.

Jo / Jodi – Hey!
A way to get someone’s attention from a distance.

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