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Minor Vocabulary Addition

Vocabulary and Grammar

claov. work, labor
This verb refers to the physical act of working or doing something physical, not necessarily speaking of one’s career.

eclaosadj. hard-working, ambitious
A straightforward adjective

imthiclaov. sabotage
A pretty straightforward verb

jeclaon. worker, laborer
This noun refers to any physical laborer. Typically reserved for Borelians, but may be used as high praise for a hard-working or well-liked slave.

jetovlinn. guide (person)
A straightforward noun

jimthiclao – n. saboteur
A straightforward noun

judaprop. n. a rank of the ik
A straightforward noun, may be used generically or as a title.

junadj. brown ; v. fling, throw haphazardly
A straightforward adjective and verb

ladn. bush, shrub ; v. sleep
A straightforward noun
As a verb, lad differs from elso in the sense that elso is more commonly used to refer to dreaming or deep sleep. Lad is a more generalized term. However, they are frequently interchanged.

lisiv. put on makeup, adorn oneself, make oneself pretty
A straightforward verb, applies to both men and women who want to look their best or impress someone

mimv. walk quietly, sneak
A straightforward verb

slathv. usurp, override
This verb has less relation to coup or mutiny, and more to do with various authority figures exercising their authority, especially those of lesser rank overriding or disregarding the orders of those of a higher rank, but without mutinous intent.

thuldv. fix, repair
A straightforward verb

tjon. friend (slang)
A straightforward noun, heavy slang, only for the most informal occasions

tjotav. hang out, go out with friends ; put something away, pack something up
A straightforward verb

toval- n. guide (non-person)
A straightforward noun

tovlinv. guide
A straightforward verb, for both literal and metaphorical usage

Cultural Notes

Of the six ranks of the ik, juda is the fourth and also the toughest to achieve as it represents the leap from those of lesser responsibility to those of greater responsibility and leadership; therefore, candidates are tested rigorously.

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