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Well, they're actually pictures, but whatever.

After the new year, I am going to go full on geek and start putting out the series on how to speak Borelian.  Borelians, if you are just passing through and entirely ignorant of the Timekeeper Chronicles, are an alien race with poisonous skin and a serious god complex.  So if you happen to get captured by these freaks, well, at least being able to speak the language will make you more valuable on the auction block.

But it's not enough to learn a language in a vacuum, whether a natural language or a conlang.  Language is shaped by culture, and in order to absorb the language as more than just words on a page and rules to learn, I'm going to start off with a little bit about Brelix and Borelian culture, how they think.  It will make some concepts easier to grasp.

That being said, here are a few pictures of Brelix in space:

Brelix is located at 1-11-9-3-1.  It has two moons which are used as farming colonies because the planet itself is...not exactly fertile.  Volcanoes are highly active, and earthquakes are fairly common.  The atmosphere is highly toxic to non-Borelians and most species cannot survive longer than a couple hours unassisted.  Brelix is one of eleven planets in their system.  They control all of the planets in the system, using them either for farming or as death camps for unruly slaves.  They also control planets in neighboring systems for the same reason.

And as a note for any space geeks out there who are going to point out that the stars are wrong, or this is where our system should be, or the sun is wrong, or this or that or whatever: I made this up quickly just to give a quick visual.  I didn't sit down for hours to refine everything.  I used the basic template objects available to me and had some fun with asteroids and stuff.  Get over it.

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