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Tongue Twisters and Other Mean Things

I know that there isn't much you can do with the sparse words and grammar I've given you, so to distract you from my laziness and slight ineptitude, I've decided to launch some tongue twisters on you, both for the fun of it and to reinforce some of the points of lenition and appropriate pronunciation.  A few points to review first:

1. Some vowels have two sounds.  While they are not marked in common writing, for beginners they are:

A = father
Ả = cat

E = pet

I = kit

O = poke

U = coop
Ủ = cut

2. C/K has an interesting history.

K is always pronounced as k as in kite.
C may be pronounced as k as in kite or g as in great.  This is almost entirely up to the speaker.

3. Borelian used to use tones, and they are still used in legal matters.  However, for everyday conversation, they are not used.  This means that many words are spelled the same and now sound the same as well.  Meaning must be derived from context.

All that being said, here are the new words you will be learning, as well as their suspected original pronunciations.

Modern BorelianSuspected Original PronunciationMeaning
clacglagcloak or similar outer garment
klacklaktar pit
klacklaglava flow that has not completely cooled and hardened
klảkklảkonomatopoeic, "click," "clack," "slam" etc.
klảkklảkexpression of frustration, "damn" etc.

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways to pronounce these four or five letters.  There would be even more if tones were involved, but thankfully, for our purposes, they are not.  But, with all these in mind, here are some rudimentary tongue twisters to throw you for a loop.

O in clảc clak o.
The smoke is gray.

O in clak clak clảcar* o.
The gray cliff is smoky.

*-ar is one of several affixes that can change words, in this instance, changing a noun into an adjective

O in clảcar clak clac in klac mut o.
The smoky gray cloak is in the tar pit.

Klảk!  O in clảcar clac in klac mut in clảc mut in clak clak vib o.
Damn!  The smoky cloak is in the tar pit in the shadow of the gray cliff.

And now to incorporate a few more words:

O in kulac e in clak clảj e elảjik o.
The plant in front of the cliff is poisonous.

O in cavo e in cảnit mut e in clak clảv o.
The animal in the village is to the right of the cliff.

O in cun ja in crim oji o.
The sky and the blood and red.

If you had trouble figuring out the new words, here they are:

kulac =  plant
clảj = in front of
elảjik = poisonous
cavo = animal, beast
cảnit = town, village
mut = in (inside or into)
clảv = to the right of
cun = sky
crim = blood


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