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Vocabulary After the Finish Line

With the completion of the dictionary audit, I decided that I am going to hold off on grammar for another month.  Maybe it will come before, but I'm just happy to have it done.  So here are some shiny new words.

Vocabulary and Grammar

azik – n. abortion, abandonment
A straightforward noun

azin – v. abort, abandon
A straightforward verb, more likely to refer to aborting a mission than an unborn baby. Because Brelix is all about conquest and glory, however, they do not suffer children with defects that may hinder this goal.

razin – v. infiltrate
A straightforward verb

razinos – n. infiltration
A straightforward noun

erazinos – adj. compromised, unreliable
A straightforward adjective

imthazin – v. cleanse, purify
A straightforward verb, typically not having any true spiritual value attached to it. Refer to its related root verb (which is debated between “azin” and “razin”).

imthazinos – n. cleansing, purification
A straightforward noun

jit – n. hangover ; adj. hungover
A word used as both noun and adjective. It is not a kind word to be associated with.

miscon. terrain, topography
A straightforward noun

miscar – adj. topographical
A straightforward adjective

riw – n. alcohol ; adj. drunk
A word used as both noun and adjective. It is not a kind word to be associated with.

sivib / sib – adj. one half
A straightforward adjective

wolib – adj. one third
A straightforward adjective

barib – adj. one fourth
A straightforward adjective

imthinti – v. erase
A straightforward verb, typically referring to erasing written word, but may be used metaphorically as well.

imthintik – n. eraser
A straightforward noun, can also refer to a backspace key on a keyboard


Well, maybe I'll do a tiny bit of grammar, just to show the usage of the fractions.

Bral sivib - one half of Borelians

Jitji-Tera barib - one fourth of humans

Jebao-Veran siwolib - two thirds of Vereni

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