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Vocabulary, Some Changes, and Technical Difficulties

Vocabulary and Grammar

abikn. separated individual, one who has been cut off from the group
A straightforward noun

abilv. collect, gather
A straightforward verb

ablesn. collection
A straightforward noun

abisv. separate, segregate
A straightforward verb

abosn. separation, segregation ; a separated group
A straightforward noun

aminbilv. hoard
A straightforward verb, one may notice that it is a combination of the emphatic amin- and the verb abil.

cavablesn. herd, flock, etc. of animals
A straightforward noun, extremely generalized

damobexaradj. disoriented, misaligned
A straightforward adjective

ebosadj. separate, segregated
A straightforward adjective

ethuadj. airy, puffy
A straightforward adjective

imthilisv. cool down
A straightforward verb, the imthi- prefix can only be applied to lis (and not relis) in this manner in observance of the laws of thermodynamics that only heat transfers and not cold. Therefore, one cannot invoke a self-cooling but must rely on outside properties to balance the ambient heat.

iniv. beg, plead
A straightforward verb, naturally passive.

inikn. plea
A straightforward noun

jabikjan. one who is in exile, outlaw
A straightforward noun, typically referring to a Borelian who has been exiled. Given how such outlaws are treated, the diminutive -ja makes sense. Jabik by itself is not a recognized word, although it may be used by said outlaw to describe himself.

jen – incapacitated, disabled, crippled
An unusual adjective that is actually a passive verb and may be used as either. Its etymology is largely unknown as there is no known deconstructed active, and the only related word is rejen. Popular theory suggests that it may have been related to je and that the making of a verb from the pronoun was one way of promoting oneself and one’s accomplishments up to the point of becoming crippled, and that one’s new shortcomings were not going to put a stop to one’s active lifestyle. Another theory, also on the premise that it is related to je, suggests that, because Borelians operate on a collective mindset, that it is a grammatical warning of the dangers of going off by oneself, for it will only end in disaster for the one.

jesildoan. visitor, guest
A straightforward noun

jetjakoln. slaver
A straightforward noun

jethojarodititjakoln. bounty hunter, lifelong slave hunter
A straightforward noun, typically referring to those who make a career out of hunting down escaped slaves or are otherwise accomplished slavers

jesajin. competitor
A straightforward noun

jexilon. assassin
A straightforward noun

jexinlon. someone who hires a hitman
A straightforward noun

linsv. heat, warm
A straightforward verb referring to using one thing to heat another (eg. I am heating up the soup). The verb is naturally passive

linsaradj. hot, warm
A straightforward adjective referring to something being warm as caused by something else (I am too hot because I am sitting too close to the fire).

mazan. a group of soldiers, a unit
A straightforward noun

mobekv. orient, align
A straightforward verb, used only when speaking of physical orientations/alignments

mobekosn. orientation, alignment
A straightforward noun

mobexaradj. oriented, aligned
A straightforward adjective

mobexolv. get one's bearings
A straightforward verb

moblekv. loosen ; pour
A straightforward verb

obexv. organize, arrange (things)
A straightforward verb, referring to organizing things, such as on a desk, not necessarily organizing events or meetings

obexosn. organization, arrangement (things)
A straightforward noun

rejenv. maim, cripple
A straightforward verb, naturally passive, no known deconstructed active

relisv. heat, warm
A straightforward verb referring to one thing heating another (eg. The fire is warming up the room)

relisaradj. hot, warm
A straightforward adjective referring to something causing itself to be warm (The fire is hot)

relisosn. heat, warmth
A straightforward noun

sajiv. compete
A straightforward verb

sajikn. competition
A straightforward noun, referring to a specific competition, such as a hot dog eating competition, something that can be definitively measured

sajosn. competition
A straightforward noun, referring to a more generalized competition, such as between two rivals that is ongoing

sildenn. extended visit, vacation
A straightforward noun

sildikn. visit
A straightforward noun, referring to a short visit rather than an extended stay

sildoaadj. wonderful, magnificent, awesome, etc. ; v. visit
A straightforward adjective and verb

thun. air
A straightforward noun

tinkv. to be enslaved
A straightforward verb, naturally passive, no known deconstructed active

tjakolv. carry ; enslave
A straightforward verb

tjakolitn. vessel, carrier
A straightforward noun, literally “it carries”

tjakolit crimn. heart (lit. “blood vessel”)
A straightforward noun

tjakolit thun. lung (lit. “air vessel”)
A straightforward noun, not uncommon to hear it pronounced as tjakolitu.

vathadj. cold
A straightforward adjective

vilarv. point ; n. kind of drink ; adj. shade of pink/purple (magenta-ish)
Straightforward in any usage

The drink is the name of a drink, the same way a human might ask for a screwdriver or Bloody Mary, etc.

The color is not one associated with Borelian toxins, but is a separate, common color

xilov. assassinate ; meditate
A straightforward verb

xilosn. assassination ; meditation
A straightforward noun

xinlo – v. order a hit, hire a hitman
A straightforward verb

zatov. break, rupture ; plot, scheme
A straightforward verb

zatokn. break, rupture
A straightforward noun

zanto – v. to be broken
A straightforward verb

zatosv. plot, scheme
A straightforward noun

zobriv. pay
A straightforward verb

zobrikn. payment
A straightforward noun

zobrikjan. money, currency
A straightforward noun, referring to money or currency in general, not the name of any specific currency

zobrithv. bribe
A straightforward verb, believed to be a combination of zobri and mith

zobrithikn. bribe
A straightforward noun


Idioms and Sayings

moblek in tjakolit (umvar etc.) – “pour the (his etc.) vessel”
Spill blood, referring to pouring the blood out of someone’s heart (lit. “blood vessel”)

Cultural Notes

A maza is the smallest division in the Borelian military, comprising of no more than ten (base-12) soldiers, including the leader, often referred to as the mazalux. While not an official rank, or even an officially recognized word, it nevertheless denotes the leader of a maza, regardless of official rank.

Maza is also a popular name choice for a woman’s last intended child.


N + T = D lenition removed

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