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The Alphabet and Sounds of Modern Borelian

Modern Borelian has five vowels:


These vowels make seven sounds:

A = father
Ả = cat

E = pet

I = kit

O = poke

U = coop
Ủ = cut

These diacritics are used only for beginners to distinguish vowel sounds and are not found in any common texts.



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A Brief History of Modern Borelian

The modern Borelian seen in The Timekeeper Chronicles is much easier and much simpler than Old Borelian, though Old Borelian is still used in some modern art forms and most legal matters.

Old Borelian is the first unified Borelian language, consisting of elements from North Borlex, East Bral, and…

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Teaser Trailer

Well, they're actually pictures, but whatever.

After the new year, I am going to go full on geek and start putting out the series on how to speak Borelian.  Borelians, if you are just passing through and entirely ignorant of the Timekeeper Chronicles, are an alien race with poisonous skin and a…

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New Things!

"But doesn't she already have a blog on her author website?"

Yes, yes, I do.  However, this is not going to be quite in the same realm.  The author blog is for author stuff.  Book updates, general book stuff, and the various series relating to books, writing, and so on.

This blog is going t…

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