The Timekeeper Chronicles

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The Universe | Interactive Map of Earth


The universe according to Time is divided up in the following manner:


This does not necessarily mean there are only four quadrants; as with many things, English is a latecomer into the Time industry.  This simply represents the largest of the universal divisions.


The second of the divisions, Parsecs, like Quadrants, are not precisely measured.  Rather, they are kept fluid in the event that more Quadrants or Parsecs need to be mapped.


Sectors are the first division to be precisely measured.


The term "System" does not necessarily mean "solar system," but may in fact include up to twenty galaxies.


"Planet" refers to a specific planet.  Each planet is numbered sequentially as they are brought into Time.

This system of mapping can be condensed down into a single string of numbers, giving each planet its own universal coordinates.  Therefore, Earth's universal coordinates would be: 1-11-17-14-92

Region and District numbers (4-4 for example) can be used to further identify a location.

Quick Reference: Universal Coordinates

1-4-11-52-15: Turit
1-5-9-31-26: New Iurinta
1-11-3-1-92: Greg
1-11-9-3-1: Brelix
1-11-9-3-11: Feren
1-11-17-14-92: Earth
2-1-17-9-3: Arax
2-3-6-1-2: Refar
2-7-40-25-10: Irig
2-8-16-42-18: Il
2-8-16-43-96: Maronet
2-9-5-12-19: ???
2-10-4-2-5: Rido
3-1-16-26-9: Psia
3-2-5-11-10: Rid
3-9-2-14-3: Kib
3-13-30-4-16: Sadurnon
4-1-11-84-36: Hlohi
4-7-6-9-20: Ehani
4-11-6-4-26: Lix
4-11-6-4-26: Tarkur
5-2-1-5-10: Tacaga