The Timekeeper Chronicles

Disaster-Free for: 70 days

The Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time is the hub of the Time industry.  It is where aliens from all over the universe go to buy and sell Time.  Because of its nature as an artificial dimension, the physics are slightly different than found on Earth.  However, there are some separate rooms or wings that serve specific purposes.

The Portal Room

The first room that anyone visiting the Wheel enters, the portal room is designed to channel the energy used in creating portals in order to make it easier on the portal opener.

The Marketplaces (Lower and Intermediate)

Time Capsules of One Base Second to One Base Minute are often given away as samples and the rest is sold.  Typically the cut-off between the lower and intermediate marketplaces is Five to Ten Base Years.

The Auctionhouse

The Auctions are where the greater Time Capsules are sold, auctioned off to the highest bidder.

The Coliseum (a.k.a. The Seat of the Hands)

The Coliseum is where the Hands meet and where Time Agents may go to file petitions and have their cases heard.  Time Agent reviews are conducted here.

The Food Court

The Food Court is divided into multiple realms depending on the required sustenance of a given species.  For humans, it looks like a food court like you might find at a mall or maybe an outdoor market.

The Archives

The Archives contain all the information in the universe and is often described as being an infinitely large tessellation of libraries the size of a planet.  Information is made available in tablets which are coded fluidly so they are able to be read in all available languages in the universe.

The Arena

Where Timekeepers go to train in a controlled environment.  The Arena is actually multiple "cells" that must be reserved, sessions lasting forty Base Minutes at a time.  Apprentices and Journeymen must be accompanied by a Master, but Masters and higher are permitted to train solo.

The Judgment Wing

As you might expect, the Judgment Wing is where Timekeepers take Runners for prosecution and punishment.  The Judgment Wing is divided into multiple sections:

The Holding Cells

Where Runners are held before prosecution.

The Court

Where a Warden or Dominion Timekeeper serves as prosecutor to present the case before the presiding Grandfather.

The Prison

Where Runners are held for a thousand years or the rest of their natural lives, whichever is shorter.

The Asylum

Where the most dangerous Runners are tossed into pitch-black cells to be forgotten about completely and go mad from darkness.