The Timekeeper Chronicles

Disaster-Free for: 70 days

The Zero Hour, The Hands, and The Grandfathers

The Wheel of Time is governed by the Hands of Time.  There are fifty-one Hands, fifty normal Hands representing various aspects of Time and the Time industry, and one Zero Hour to oversee the Hands.

The Zero Hour

The Zero Hour is less commonly known as the Hand of the Hands, representing the interests of the Hands and the Time industry at large.  While the Hands typically make rules and pass laws in assembly, the Zero Hour has the authority to override them absolutely.  During petitions, if a vote is called for, the Zero Hour does not vote unless there is a tie that cannot be resolved.  However, he also has the power to override the vote absolutely.

The Zero Hour is a directly-elected position.

The Hands of Time

The Hands of Time are elected every seventeen Earth-side years.  They represent population or specific interest groups rather than geographical locations.

The Grandfathers

The Grandfathers are the keeper of the court system, playing the role of judge, jury, and, in many cases, executioner.  Since the expulsion of the Borelians, there have been quite a few job openings suddenly.

The Hands


Scientifically Superior and Openly Engaged 
Scientifically Superior and Engaged Privilege (Reserved)
Scientifically Superior and Unengaged 
Scientifically Advanced and Openly Engaged
Scientifically Advanced and Engaged Privilege
Scientifically Advanced and Unengaged 
Scientifically Advancing and Openly Engaged
Scientifically Advancing and Engaged Privilege
Scientifically Advancing and Unengaged 
Scientifically Modest and Openly Engaged 
Scientifically Modest and Engaged Privilege 
Scientifically Modest and Unengaged 
Scientifically Primitive and Openly Engaged 
Scientifically Primitive and Engaged Privilege
Scientifically Primitive and Unengaged 

Biological Entities

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Oceans and Water
Sky and Cloud
That Which Lies Beneath
Energy and Waves

Time Agents

New Blood
Hands (Zero Hour)




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