Time does not heal all wounds...


The Timekeeper Chronicles is a multi-serial universe written by Brooke Shaffer, following the adventures of multiple people as they explore the universe and deal with universal politics, including war and genocide.  Other major thematic elements include those of religion in general, the question and concept of free will, divine destiny, and the consideration of the nature of God.  Minor elements involve the question of identity and the prison of the mind.


Each series weaves into and out of the others, yet remain entirely self-contained.  No series is dependent on any other in order to make logical sense within the series itself, yet each one feeds into the greater narrative, and it is recommended that all series be read.


The Chivalrous Welshman functions as the backbone of TKC.  It follows the journey of Tommen Forbes, a sixteen year old boy with the ability to make Time go faster or slower at will.  His dad also has this ability.  Together they navigate complex politics, war, and an unusual stalker who seems to think Tommen is some kind of "Chosen One."


The Hands of Time follows the stories of Rivotra, Kokumbo, Julianna, and Isthim, four outcasts who seek to right the wrongs that have been done to them but with slightly different ideas of how to do so.  Murder, corruption, and divine destiny intersect in this high-octane thrill ride.


The Lone Wolf tells the story of the Krydik people over the course of two hundred years and three generations.  A group of displaced Native Americans struggles to form their own unique identity amid a rapidly-changing universe, growing closer to their roots and yet further from their ancestors.

Latest Releases

Imminence: The Chivalrous Welshman #7

The Hands Pulling the Strings: The Hands of Time #2

Alpha Wolf: The Lone Wolf #2

Of Saints and Sinners (Single)

Upcoming Releases

Synchronization: The Chivalrous Welshman #8

     [July 2023]

The Hand Holding the Knife: The Hands of Time #3

     [December 2023]

Lone Wolf: The Lone Wolf #3

     [May 2023]

Chasing the White Bear

     [December 2022]